Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh Boy, I've Got Joy...and to catch up!

Since school began, we've learned about the Joy of Obedience, The Joy of the Earth, The Joy of Spontaneous Delight, The Joy of the Body and now The Joy of Sharing and Service! We have been so busy!

What is so wonderful about children, is that they already know how wonderful life is. It's us adults who need to be reminded about these Joys.

Here are a few highlights of the last several weeks!

The Joy of Sliding!
The Joy of friendship!

The Joy of Spontaneous Delight! Watching popcorn pop!

The Joy of the seasons!

The Joy of creating! We made granola!

The granola was delicious!

The Joy of using our 5 senses to paint!

Yummy chocolate pudding!


Take time to remember the Joys in your life!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Joy of The Earth

The Joy of the Earth is always a fun unit to teach. We get to do so many wonderful things this month! I can't wait to make homemade apple sauce with the Joyschoolers.
We are learning how wonderful our Earth is as well as our responsibilty in preserving, cultivating, and protecting the Earth.
Fall is in the air! It may be Florida, but we do have a little taste of Fall weather. The days grow shorter, the leaves fall off (just turn wonderful yellows, reds, or oranges...) and the weather is a little know like 80 degrees. Some mornings we actually get to wear a sweater. BUT, really, who can really complain about the Fall weather in Florida? It is mild, pleasant, and you get to do lots of outdoor activities, like go to the beach for Thanksgiving!
We made nature viewers and went for a nature walk...we didn't get far before we noticed a huge banana spider in the Palm tree.

And yes, wonderful fire ants! No touching these little guys...their bite is terrible!

Look butterflies and dragonflies....

Look Around the World With Me!

Monday, August 31, 2009

First Week of School!

Dress up time!

The Pre-J's

Working on Puzzles and being a Mommy!

Project: Melting Crayon Shavings

Objective: To show that even crayons have to follow rules. When they get hot, they have to melt...It's the rule!

Some beautiful Crayon Meltings

The Joy School Class of 2009-2010

Free Playtime!

We had a fantastic first week of Joy School! The boys and girls had a great time learning all about Joy School. Thank you for allowing me to teach your children, they are pure JOY and bring so much light with them. We are learning about The Joy of Obedience and Decision Making....This week we will be making a potato monkey named Cheeky Monkey. He learns the difference between rules and decisions. Each child will need to bring in a small potato (red) and a large russet potato for this project.

The Pre-Joy School class is going great too! These little ones are just amazing...I am soooo glad I added this class to my school. I can't believe how fast this class filled up!

As for some Joy School business:

1. Please make sure you bring in your CD's so you can have the Joy School music.

2. Tuition installment is due the first Tuesday/Wednesday of every month...that is this week.

3. Thank you for the tissues and sanitizer....we have plenty for now so if you didn't bring in some, don't worry about it...I may have some other items later in the year that I will need your help with. Thanks!
4. one large russet potato and 1 small red potato.

I hope you enjoyed these first pictures of your children. Thanks again for being a part of the Joy School program.

Lots of love,

Ms. Angela