Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh Boy, I've Got Joy...and to catch up!

Since school began, we've learned about the Joy of Obedience, The Joy of the Earth, The Joy of Spontaneous Delight, The Joy of the Body and now The Joy of Sharing and Service! We have been so busy!

What is so wonderful about children, is that they already know how wonderful life is. It's us adults who need to be reminded about these Joys.

Here are a few highlights of the last several weeks!

The Joy of Sliding!
The Joy of friendship!

The Joy of Spontaneous Delight! Watching popcorn pop!

The Joy of the seasons!

The Joy of creating! We made granola!

The granola was delicious!

The Joy of using our 5 senses to paint!

Yummy chocolate pudding!


Take time to remember the Joys in your life!


  1. That looks like fun!!

  2. You're an awesome teacher, seen you many times in action.